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I am a full-time Senior Application Developer with a 25+ career in IT, am Scrum Master Certified, have written 2 books on blogging, and most importantly a single mom raising my little loves (who are now 10 and 13). But, I have missed you guys and want to return to the Blog Setup & Design business (formerly known as Blogs By Heather). I want you to have options, I want you to have the best.  So, I am collaborating with Amy and Neta to bring you different WordPress website options that fit your budget, taste and style, and delivered within a desired time frame.  Why am I promoting other businesses that appear to be competition?  Together we are stronger. We all have solutions and the same goal in mind – we genuinely want to help you build a stunning, professional website.

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I'm working on creating modularized, simplified courses and free Facebook Live challenges designed for Creative and Crafty bloggers. Coming soon!

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I am collaborating with Neta from No Hassle Website to bring you many popular features from her Divi, No Hassle Website themes and combine them into 1 beautiful, exclusive theme, just for you!

This is truly a DIY solution - get a beautiful theme and you do the rest. 

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Don't need a new website or blog, but need some blog help? Please contact me - Let's chat about how I can help you!

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Beautiful designs, powerful features and Amy does all the heavy lifting! Work with Webs By Amy to get your vision online and all done for you! Professional. Reliable. Affordable. Scalable. Done.

Please remember to mention me when compleing the "Referred By". Thanks!

SU Demo Special

Amy Celona (Webs By Amy) and I are putting together a custom package just for YOU - Stampin' Up! Demonstrators!  Coming soon!


How To Create a Mockup For Your Website

How To Create a Mockup For Your Website

Hey there! In preparing to re-launch my business, I was looking online for a tool that would display my website in a laptop, iPhone, and/or iPad, and came across a few tools.  Some required Photoshop, so they were not a good fit for most.  I also found an article "13...

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What do you think about Online Courses?

Hello fellow papercrafters! My old stamping buddies! How I miss the days of Stampin' Up! and when I enjoyed helping others through Blogs By Heather.Wanting to try and get some feedback on how to best share and offer courses and ideas to help you build your...

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Guess Who’s Back – Blog Setup And Design

Guess Who’s Back – Blog Setup And Design

  Stampin' Up! Online Extravaganza Need a promo button for your site to promote Stampin' Up!'s Online Extravaganza? Here's one you are welcome to use.  This one was created in PicMonkey for those DIYers! Amy has the HTML code and a video...

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Create Instant Replies On Your Facebook Business Page

Create Instant Replies On Your Facebook Business Page

Hi there! Today's post is on Facebook and a mini-tutorial on how to create Instant Replies.  What a great tool to quickly connect to your fans!!! And it only takes minutes (or less) to set up! How to Create Instant Replies  Go to you Facebook Business Page, and at the...

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TypePad Blogging: Create Pages That Have No Sidebar

TypePad Blogging: Create Pages That Have No Sidebar

You basically have your blog and the overall layout you chose, that has one or two sidebars.  But for the Pages you create, you do not want the sidebars to show...how can you do this? Copy and paste code in the HTML view that will essentially "hide"...

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