As promised I would be sharing you how-to articles on how to install Google Analytics on your blog!

Yes, I will be providing a tutorial for TypePad and WordPress too, but this first article is on Blogger.

Google Analytics is considered one of the top and leading visitor tracking tools out there and FREE!

First you need to go to and either sign in with an existing Google account or create a new one.

Next, you'll find this screen where it shows you the three main steps in adding Google Analytics to your site.

Click Sign Up!


Set up Google Analytics Account


On the next screen you'll enter one account name. You will enter your first site, as you may later add more sites to track from this one account. You do not need to create multiple accounts.

So enter your desired account name, your first site, and your time zone. Then you may or may not wish to share your Analytics data. In my example, I chose not to share my data. 

Read and accept the terms (if you do accept them and wish to continue).

Click to Create Account.


After clicking Create Account you'll get a green "Success" button at the top and then come to a next screen below.

You will note your UA Google Analytics ID at the top. You'll use that later on.


Install Google Analytics in Blogger

Many applications now just have a box where you can enter in your Google Analytics UA Number as Blogger does.

Enter Google Analytics UA Number

  • From the dashboard go to Settings, and under the Basic tab you can find the Google Analytics box as highlighted below.
  • Or if you are using the new Blogger interface as I am, you will find it under Settings, then Other, as shown below.
  • Remember to click Save.



Editing the HTML Code

If afterwords you are prompted that you must enter the tracking code, this requires your to edit the HTML.

  • In the old Blogger Interface you would go to Design and then Edit HTML.  
  • In the new Blogger interface, you can go to Template, Edit HTML and click Yes to Proceed.

You need to find </head> so you can either scroll down the code or do a CTRL + F to do a Find.

After you find it,

  • you have to select the HTML code from the Step 2: Paste This Code On Your Site in your Google Analytics screen shown. 
  • Then Paste the code above the </head> line of code.


  • Click to Save Template or Save depending on which Blogger interface you're using.


Additional Tutorial: If you want to instead use this tutorial, click here to learn more.  Then be sure you go to Edit HTML from Design tab, and use CTRL+F to find </head> to paste in the code above that line.


If you exit and need to login again, go to and login.

You need to wait a few days before your Analytics will begin populating with traffic to your site!

In Google Analytics

  • Click Save after you've installed the Google Analytics ID in Blogger settings.
  • You will notice under Website Tracking, the Tracking Status will change to "Receiving Data" so you are good to go!

Getting Started with Google Analytics

After your account is setup and you have it installed on your site and "receiving data", then you may click Home, Standard Reporting or Custom Reporting to begin viewing traffic details to your site.

Here are some links to get you started with Google Analytics:

  1. Features of Google Analytics
  2. Google Analytics Help Center
  3. How to Analyze Your Traffic
  4. About SEO and Google Analytics
  5. In-Page Analytics
  6. YouTube Videos on Using Google Analytics
  7. Keep updated and follow the Google Analytics Blog


Next will be how to add Google Analytics to TypePad and then another blogging tutorial on WordPress!  Stay tuned….

Happy blogging!

Heather Wright-Porto


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