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Stampin' Up! Online Extravaganza

Need a promo button for your site to promote Stampin' Up!'s Online Extravaganza? Here's one you are welcome to use.  This one was created in PicMonkey for those DIYers!

Amy has the HTML code and a video tutorial on how to load it to your site.  Visit Webs By Amy now!

Example: US Demonstrators  (PDF link)

alt="Online Extravaganza" border="0" /></a>


Need it Smaller?

This button is 250 pixels wide.  Need to make is smaller to fit in your site's sidebar?  For those using TypePad, 180 pixels width should fit.  Give it a go……

Simply add this code in the <img> tag….

<img width="180" src=""


Want it to link to your online store instead of PDF?

If you are a current Stamping And Blogging member, you can find the video tutorial as well (Blogger, TypePad, WordPress). This button and code to the DBWS store page is loaded in Blog Maintenance and available for U.S., Canada, Australia, Great Britain, France, Germany, New Zealand, Netherlands.


Joining Webs By Amy Team!

I am joining Webs By Amy and will be working with Direct Sellers, just like you, in creating a new look, transferring to new site, refreshing old ones, and/or helping out with site and sidebar maintenance!  This is a very exciting new venture COMING SOON!

Stay tuned….
Heather 😀

Heather Wright-Porto


Create Instant Replies On Your Facebook Business Page

Facebook buttonHi there! Today's post is on Facebook and a mini-tutorial on how to create Instant Replies.  What a great tool to quickly connect to your fans!!! And it only takes minutes (or less) to set up!


How to Create Instant Replies 

Go to you Facebook Business Page, and at the top see if you see Edit Settings.  If you don't (as shown in the image), then click on Settings, then Messaging).


Next, check the Turn On Instant Replies check box.  Then you can begin adding your message (up to 250 characters).  

And you can Add Personalization, such as first name or to insert your website URL.




When you are done creating your instant reply, click Save Changes and you're done! It's live.


Have a great weekend!

Heather Wright-Porto
Co-Founder at Stamping And Blogging LLC


TypePad Blogging: Create Pages That Have No Sidebar

You basically have your blog and the overall layout you chose, that has one or two sidebars.  But for the Pages you create, you do not want the sidebars to show…how can you do this? Copy and paste code in the HTML view that will essentially "hide" the sidebar(s).

PageWithNoSidebarsMy example:

Here are the 4 sets of code to choose from…again, depending if you have 1 sidebar (considered a Two Column blog) or 2 sidebars (considered a Three Column blog).

Just copy and paste the code (that suits your blog layout) at the top of your page (in HTML view, not Rich Text view).

Need Help Deciding Which Code to Use?

Then simply comment or email me with your blog's URL and I'll let you know 😀

Create a Page Without Sidebars

After selecting the code which applies to your layout, you'll want to add the code to your Page. It is best if you finish writing the page before adding the code, because once the code is added, you will not be able to work in Rich Text mode. (TypePad, Create a Page For Your Blog Without Sidebars)


Two Column (Right)

.layout-two-column-right #alpha { width: 100%; }
#beta { display: none; }

Two Column (Left)

#alpha { display: none; }
.layout-two-column-left #beta { width: 100%; }

Three Column (Right)

.layout-three-column-right #alpha { width: 100%; }
#beta { display: none; }
#gamma { display: none; }

Three Column

#alpha { display: none; }
.layout-three-column #beta { width: 100%; }
#gamma { display: none; }

The code I used because I have a sidebar on each side (one on the left, one on the right):

.layout-three-column #alpha { display: none; }
#beta { width: 100%; }
#gamma { display: none; }

Wishing you continued success!

Heather 😀

Heather Wright-Porto
Author, Blogs By Heather
Partner, Stamping And Blogging

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You don’t have to have a Membership Site to sell your videos!

Looking for ways to sell your videos….

WITHOUT having to setup a membership site, online course site, learn new technology, manage memberships? This may be for you!  Spend your time making your videos and selling them directly on Vimeo. 

What will you need to get started?

  • PayPal account linked for payment
  • Poster (image) to present your work

Those (above) you probably already have for other business purposes.

  • Create or Upgrade to Vimeo Pro account (Pro is $199/year)
  • Trailer of your work
  • And of course your videos uploaded to Vimeo!

This is a viable option for those of you who want to get started and have wonderful videos to share.  Click here to learn more.

Wishing you continued success!

Heather 😀

Heather Wright-Porto
Blogs By Heather
Partner, Stamping And Blogging

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SU Promo Buttons: Holiday Catalog is out!

Hi there!  It's that time of year where Stampin' Up! has released it's Holiday Catalog! It's very exciting as the countdown to Christmas has already begun (at least for my kids! LOL as they are going back to school this week).

Site Maintenance For
Stampin' Up! Demonstrators

If you're a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator and would like these buttons on your blog and/or would like me to maintain your site, sign up here!



Stay tuned for more exciting news from Sandi and I (Stamping and Blogging) surrounding the holidays!

Heather 😀

Heather Wright-Porto
Blogs By Heather
Partner, Stamping And Blogging

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Tools To Transfer Your Blog To WordPress

Hi there!
Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

Over the next month you'll see changes over here at "Blogs By Heather" and my paper crafting site "Hand Stamped By Heather."  I'm talking about a Blog Transfer! 


TypePad to WordPress

image source:TP2WP

Move TypePad Blog to WordPress

This blog, Blogs By Heather, is a TypePad blog and I use Advanced Templates for advanced customization options, but it's time to move over to WordPress.  I am going to use TP2WP. I know people who have spent thousands on this type of transfer, but this tool is $49!  

Move Blogger Blog To WordPress

For my paper crafting blog, Hand Stamped By Heather (as I am a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator), I will be using this tutorial (by RTcamp) to move my Blogger blog to WordPress.

Again, I will do my own first, work out any kinks or issues that may arise, and then tell you how to do it yourself; or can then do it for you.

Stay tuned….
Heather 😀

Heather Wright-Porto
Blogs By Heather
Partner, Stamping And Blogging

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Have you heard of the EU Cookie law? Here’s how to comply.

One of my customers contacted me for help. She said that she received a notice from Google that her site needed to look a certain when when viewed in EU countries. That she needed to add "Cookies notification in EU countries".  They recommended Cookie Consent from SilkTide.

Basically, you just need to add a bit of code to your blog's template in order to comply.


The message will only appear until the visit clicks "Got It". Now that I have done so on her blog, I no longer see the message on subsequent visits to her site.  See it in action here at

Select/Copy this code:

Download it here from my site.


And then Paste this code in the appropriate location for your site.

In her site, which is a Blogger blog,

  • Click on Template from the Dashboard.
  • Click on Edit HTML.
  • And you should see the </head> tag.  If you don't you can do a CTRL+F (find) and do a search for </head>.
  • Place your cursor above that line, and paste in the code. (See Screenshot Below)
  • Save Template.
  • You're done!

  BeforeHeadTag(Click image for larger view.)

Blogger Help:

In Blogger, you could have also probably just added an HTML Widget to your blog's sidebar:

  • From the Dashboard, go to Layout, Add a Gadget.
  • Select HTML/JavaScript.
  • Paste in the Code.
  • Save.
  • Save Arrangement.
  • You're done!

TypePad Help:

  • Go to Design, then Content.
  • From the Modules box, choose Embed Your Own HTML. (See Screenshot below)
  • Then click Add This Module.
  • Then Paste in the code in the large text box that appears, click OK.
  • Drag and drop on your sidebar (won't be seen).
  • Then remember to click the Save Changes.
  • You're done!

TypePadAddModule(Click image for larger view.)

WordPress Help:

  • From the Dashboard, go to Appearance, Widgets and drag a Text Widget to your blog's sidebar.
  • Paste in the code.
  • Click OK/Save.
  • You're done!

NOTES: In TypePad and WordPress there are other ways to modify the HTML code, but these methods work as well.  In WordPress, his is for self-hosted blog. If you are using the free, then you cannot use JavaScript in Widgets.

I told Kathleen I would post about this on my site, as I also learned something new! It was the first time a customer had requested my help with the EU Cookie Law.

Happy Blogging!

Heather Wright-Porto
Partner at Stamping and Blogging – Home of our How To Setup a Blog series (over 70 videos and tutorials covering Blogger, TypePad and WordPressNO OTHER training site covers all THREE platforms!)


Tired of the 404 Page Not Found Errors?

Did you ever go visit a page/post on a site and get a 404 Page Not Found displayed instead? It's happened to us all, but can be embarrassing when it happens within your own site! Luckily, there's a quick fix…in less than a minute (well I guess depending on how slow/fast your computer is…LOL).

404 Easy Redirect

But for WordPress bloggers, it's VERY easy to prevent this from happening on your site, and to direct visitors to your home page, or other dedicated page, if they visit a broken link or possibly type in an incorrect URL on your site.

  1. From your Dashboard, go to Plugins, Add New.
  2. In the Search box, enter 404 Easy Redirect.
  3. Find the one from Ninja Press (404 Easy Redirect) and click Install Now.
  4. Then click to Activate Plugin.
  5. Lastly, from the Dashboard, go to Settings, then 404 Easy Redirect and be sure to check Enable. 
  6. Click Save Changes.


Note, the HOME page is the default and will work just fine. However, you can create a custom page for visitors that get a 404 Page Error on your site.

For WordPress PDF tutorials and videos, join Stamping and Blogging today! Until next time…happy blogging!


Wonderful news coming soon for those paper crafters out there!
Stay tuned…..

Creating a Successful Online Course And Where to Host It

I've been listening to free webinars by Jeanine O'Neill-Blackwell about creating successful, profitable online courses. You can check out her site here. She offers a 7-module online course (I am not an affiliate, just have been enjoying her free videos and free webinars).

Some helpful tips I got from listening to my first webinar with Jeanine Blackwell:

First, in creating a course, you need to determine NOT what you want to TEACH your audience, but answer and address what it is your audience is ASKING.  You need to determine that SOLUTION (not simply what you want to share or think would be helpful).

  • Examine comments on your blog.
  • Create a survey.
  • Read comments on other related sites.
  • Review Facebook posts, questions, answers, comments.
  • Go to Amazon and read reviews on popular books on your topic and see what the customers valued and what more they were looking for.

Four key questions to get you started on outlining your online course:

1) If they complete your course, _________ will happen.

2) How will they do this? How will you help them achieve (give them the tools)?

3) What do they need to know (prior to taking the course)?

4) Why should they take your course…right now (create the urgency)?

In listening to her sessions and thinking about all my clients that want to create online courses/classes, I started searching for affordable options where there is minimal programming (or NO programming needed).  Then I came across

  • Click here to view a free demonstration on how to create your courses online!
  • Click here to visit and get started today! It's free to sign-up and to create your online course!  If you then charge a fee for your course, they take a small percentage (so that's how they get paid for offering the hosting).


Companies like TechCrunch, VentureBeat, Bloomberg use this platform! 

So if you want to offer an online course and
want to find some easy, affordable way to host it,
check out!


Happy Blogging 😀
Heather Wright-Porto
Blogs By Heather / Stamping And Blogging