Blog Setup & Design

I want you to have the website you want in a way you can afford.

Be sure that you have booked your Blog Setup & Design on my CalendarClick here if you haven’t yet. Thanks a bunch and look forward to working with you!

Blog Setup & Design Packages

Both packages include custom graphic design – a header/logo, favicon (for the browser), watermark. as well as 1 image from Shutterstock or iStockPhoto (I am not an affiliate). Pixabay also has free images for use.  If you need additional design work, please Contact Me.  You will also need the following to get started (if you do not already).

Custom Blog Setup

website mockup blog setup and design

A fully-customized, responsive, mobile-friendly WordPress site based on a theme of your choice (of course I’d be happy to

recommend some by StudioPress or the very popular, drag-n-drop Divi Theme (that I already have a license for and no cost to you).  Psst…My site is based off a Divi theme (and one of Neta’s). But if you have found some other WordPress theme you like (whether free or purchased), I’d be happy to use that!

This is a more expensive Blog Setup & Design package, but it will be with the theme, fonts, colors of your choice – it is fully customized to you, for you.

Again, make sure you have booked your Blog Setup & Design on my calendar! Next, choose your payment plan.

$550 USD (Paid in Full, Save $50!)

$600 USD (equal payments, $200 for 3 months)

Customize DIY Theme

DIY Custom Template

If you want a Blog Setup based off a pre-made DIY theme, from Neta’s team at No Hassle Website, then choose from one of the payment plans below.  Click here to view the exclusive Demo of the custom, DIY Theme designed just for my clients!  Hope you love it as much as I do!  It is not publicly listed as one of her Demos/templates and it has been custom-made for my clients with all that I thought you would enjoy and need to showcase your business and product.

However, you may also choose from one of her other templates. Those are only $99 USD, where as the exclusive template, built for my clients is powered with additional features and is $147 USD.


So, in this package, you will not only be one of my clients, but one of Neta’s clients too.

  • Her team will do the initial installation.
  • You should then join her No Hassle Facebook groups (as well as mine).
  • You’ll receive top-knotch customer support.
  • I’m excited for you to be part of that community too!

So where do I fit in?

What you are paying me for is all the “DIY” stuff that you would have had to do on your own.  If you want to do it all yourself, then you do not need to purchase this Blog Setup & Design package.  You will already hear from Neta’s team to schedule installation and will have all the videos and instructions you need.

If you have questions or need more information about this Blog Setup & Design package, please contact me via email at or my Contact page.

Again, make sure you have booked your Blog Setup & Design on my calendar! If you are ready to get started, select a payment plan below.

This payment plan is in addition to the DIY Theme you will purchase.
$350 (Paid in Full, Best Offer)

$400 USD (equal payments, $200 for 2 months)

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