Blog Transfer Services

Looking to move to a self-hosted WordPress site?

We can help! Let’s move transfer your existing Blogger, TypePad or site to a new self-hosted WordPress site.

Let’s Get Started

First things first. You need WordPress hosting.  We have it!  WordPress hosting with Webs By Amy. It far surpasses the competition! We include backups, sub-domains, and email – services others charge you extra for!

Need more, want more? We have it! There is also premium support included, cpanel access, and ample storage and bandwidth to fit your business website needs!

YES! You can transfer your existing domain and existing WordPress site to Webs By Amy! Contact Amy Celona to learn mor

Next Steps

Now that you have a new WordPress self-hosted site, we can take the stress out of your move! You don’t even have to use a different domain, unless you want to!


What we need to get started? Your domain name – this is your site’s URL such as mine, or Where did you purchase the domain from (GoDaddy is a very popular registrar)? We will need the domain login to eventually update its Nameservers settings.

  • Do you have an existing domain? Are you keeping that same domain in the transfer?
  • Do you need a new domain? You can purchase one through us too!

Our process includes the transfer of your posts (which includes comments, post images , categories, tags, authors)!

  • How many posts do you currently have on your site?

We include up to 10 pages in the transfer. As those have to be manually moved versus done through in import. To keep the transfer costs down, we can train you on how to continuing moving the rest of the pages.

  • How many pages do you currently have on your site?
  • How many are you looking to transfer?

Please note this transfer service does not include a new site design.

Click here to to learn more about Blog Setup & Site Design.


Blog transfers start at $350 (USD).

Click here to contact me directly or visit Webs By Amy to contact us to get started and let us know if you are transferring from Blogger, TypePad or another WordPress site.

Again, we’ll need the following to get started:

  • Your Domain login information
  • Your current blog login information

Great! Looking forward to helping you take the leap into WordPress! You’re gonna love it 😀