You don’t have to have a Membership Site to sell your videos!

Looking for ways to sell your videos….

WITHOUT having to setup a membership site, online course site, learn new technology, manage memberships? This may be for you!  Spend your time making your videos and selling them directly on Vimeo. 

What will you need to get started?

  • PayPal account linked for payment
  • Poster (image) to present your work

Those (above) you probably already have for other business purposes.

  • Create or Upgrade to Vimeo Pro account (Pro is $199/year)
  • Trailer of your work
  • And of course your videos uploaded to Vimeo!

This is a viable option for those of you who want to get started and have wonderful videos to share.  Click here to learn more.

Wishing you continued success!

Heather 😀

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Creating a Successful Online Course And Where to Host It

I've been listening to free webinars by Jeanine O'Neill-Blackwell about creating successful, profitable online courses. You can check out her site here. She offers a 7-module online course (I am not an affiliate, just have been enjoying her free videos and free webinars).

Some helpful tips I got from listening to my first webinar with Jeanine Blackwell:

First, in creating a course, you need to determine NOT what you want to TEACH your audience, but answer and address what it is your audience is ASKING.  You need to determine that SOLUTION (not simply what you want to share or think would be helpful).

  • Examine comments on your blog.
  • Create a survey.
  • Read comments on other related sites.
  • Review Facebook posts, questions, answers, comments.
  • Go to Amazon and read reviews on popular books on your topic and see what the customers valued and what more they were looking for.

Four key questions to get you started on outlining your online course:

1) If they complete your course, _________ will happen.

2) How will they do this? How will you help them achieve (give them the tools)?

3) What do they need to know (prior to taking the course)?

4) Why should they take your course…right now (create the urgency)?

In listening to her sessions and thinking about all my clients that want to create online courses/classes, I started searching for affordable options where there is minimal programming (or NO programming needed).  Then I came across

  • Click here to view a free demonstration on how to create your courses online!
  • Click here to visit and get started today! It's free to sign-up and to create your online course!  If you then charge a fee for your course, they take a small percentage (so that's how they get paid for offering the hosting).


Companies like TechCrunch, VentureBeat, Bloomberg use this platform! 

So if you want to offer an online course and
want to find some easy, affordable way to host it,
check out!


Happy Blogging 😀
Heather Wright-Porto
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Guess What? Exciting News From Blogs By Heather….

Hi guys! I'm back!!!!!

Yes, you heard it right. I resigned from my full-time job that I enjoyed over the last 2 years…but now am able to come back to what I love mostBlog Setup & Design – and supporting you 😀  So, if you're looking for blog help…read on…and book your date with me! 

For those of you I'm already corresponding with,
you do not have to schedule an appt. – you're all set!

Using VCita For Online Scheduling

I needed to find an online scheduling program

  • so clients can book their Blog Setup & Design, Newsletter Design, Blog Tune-up, Go Mobile Friendly services,
  • that allowed them to pay upfront,
  • and more importantly let them know where they are on the wait list – when their site would be worked on.  

With VCita, there is no guess-work. You book your date/time, pay via PayPal (or credit card via PayPal interface), and we're all set.

I'll have a separate article on how to add this to your site…
or I'd be happy to add it for you…
book a Blog Tune-Up service.


Blogs By Heather Services

Check out the cool tool that pops-up when you visit my sites – Blogs By Heather (this site) or Blogs By Heather WP Hosting.  It allows you to quickly and easy schedule any of these services:

  • WordPress Setup & Design
  • TypePad / Blogger Blog Setup & Design
  • Newsletter Design (such as Constant Contact Newsletter Design)
  • Blog Tune-up
  • Go Mobile Friendly (Blogger)
  • Go Mobile Friendly (TypePad)
  • Go Mobile Friendly (WordPress)

Graphic Design Included

All the "Design" packages (the 1st three services listed) include all the graphic design work such as a banner, signature, watermark, sidebar buttons, headings…for your setup & design. Again, it is already included in the price!

I'm super excited and cannot wait to work with all of you again!


An Alternative

StampingAndBlogging-JOINKeep in mind, we have an entire "How To Setup a Blog" video/PDF library inside Stamping & Blogging; how to create a Constant Contact, MailChimp, or Aweber newsletter template; and at present we are adding videos on how to make sure your blog is Mobile-Frienldy!  So if you're a DIY type of blogger, then join today for $14.95 and have access to more than 400 stamping and blogging videos (we are a few away from 450!! – so a new badge coming soon).

Cool Tool For WordPress Users: WP Post Signature plugin

Have you ever wanted to have the same signature to appear at the bottom of every blog post so you don't manually have to do it? YES!!!! And now you can do it without much code and messing with the Editor!

In my previous tutorials, there's a lot of coding involved in getting this to work (and it does work), but those who have WordPress blogs can breathe a little easier with the use of a plugin called WP Post Signature! NOTE: Click here for my tutorials for Blogger, TypePad, and (free WordPress). 

  1. So…for those using WordPress…go to your Dashboard, Plugins, and Add New.
  2. In the Search box, enter WP Post Signature.
  3. When it finds it, click Install.
  4. Then click to Activate it.

Next, to modify the settings and add the code that will then be placed at the end of each post. If you want an image signature, you have to first load that image to your Media Manager. Click Edit, and then select and use that Image URL (you'll see below where to put it).

  1. To edit your new plugin, go to the Dashboard, then Settings, then WP Post Signature.
  2. Enter 1 in the 1st option and Save Changes. This will put your signature ABOVE the LinkWithin widget that many paper crafters use.
  3. Then in the section below, set it to ON and at the bottom of your posts.
  4. Add the HTML code you want to use – such as the code for a shop online button and linking it to your website.  Or simply enter the text you want to appear at the bottom of each post.
  5. When you're done, save changes.


Stamping and Blogging

For more tutorials (video and PDF) on building your WordPress site, join us at Stamping and Blogging! We have a ton of videos including how to create post and pages, add sidebar items, edit HTML code like that used here, and so much more!



Cool Tool: Ahrefs – Complete BackLinks Analysis

Here's a great new SEO tool for you! It's called AHrefs. Pretty cool name right? YES, since it's all about links…specifically what is known as "backlinks".  Backlinks are simply those sites (which contain links) that link to you!

Backlinks Analysis

I used to to find those that I have lost…. Lost Links. Which normally means the post or page has been removed from the source or is now a broken link in that I may have deleted the page or post they were linking to, etc.  

To help build your SEO ranking and overall online presence, you want high quality links to your site!


Now, I have not been posting like I used to back in the day…but I used my site as an example anyway to show you the Dashbaord and all the great info you can gain from this type of tool.  I do have many links to my site, which is great 😀  But I have lost some links too.  Anyway…give this tool a try!  Visit to get started.




Stamping and BloggingWant to learn more on SEO and how to better build your blog…then join us at Stamping and Blogging for our complete How To Setup a Blog (over 70 videos), Better Business Blogging in 21 Days, Top Ten SEO Tools and tons of articles on blogging in general! Click to learn more about Stamping and Blogging!

Cool Tool: Pingdom

Want to know how fast your site is loading? No? Well, you should. If your site doesn't load in approximately 5 seconds or less, then you're already lost a potential new follower, new customer. 

You only have a few seconds to gain their interest.  So in addition to having a site that loads fast, make sure it looks good (great!) and that you have a clear mission statement and call-to-action!  They need to know what you offer and what the next step is.

Okay, so back to page speed.  Check out this free tool by Pingdom.  Simply enter your blog's address and wait for the results.



Heather Wright-Porto

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Want to know more? We are on Day 19 of our Better Business Blogging in 21 Days, and discuss even more tools for page speed and discuss the most common issues and how to fix them.  Click to learn more about Stamping and Blogging!