Create Instant Replies On Your Facebook Business Page

Facebook buttonHi there! Today's post is on Facebook and a mini-tutorial on how to create Instant Replies.  What a great tool to quickly connect to your fans!!! And it only takes minutes (or less) to set up!


How to Create Instant Replies 

Go to you Facebook Business Page, and at the top see if you see Edit Settings.  If you don't (as shown in the image), then click on Settings, then Messaging).


Next, check the Turn On Instant Replies check box.  Then you can begin adding your message (up to 250 characters).  

And you can Add Personalization, such as first name or to insert your website URL.




When you are done creating your instant reply, click Save Changes and you're done! It's live.


Have a great weekend!

Heather Wright-Porto
Co-Founder at Stamping And Blogging LLC


Facebook Timeline: What it means for your business


Lots of questions coming in on the new Facebook Timeline feature.  As there should be. it's a drastic change to what we are used to and a big change on how you use Facebook for marketing. Or I should say how the new TimeLine hiinders your marketing efforts, basically taking them away!

You may have seen this message recently when administering your Facebook business page (you will also see a message in your profile area as well).  You can click Preview to see how your site will look with the new Timeline format.  Read on to learn all about it and how it will affect your business and Facebook marketing.




To sum it up:

  • New Timeline Feature (mandatory)
  • FB new Cover option (like a banner at the top of your Facebook page)
  • Yes, you can still have a custom page, but not a reveal page (not one forcing a "like" to get "this or that") and not one that will be front and center on a landing page/squeeze page/splash page.
  • And there are more features detailed in the TechCrunch links highlighted in this Facebook Timeline article.

Custom Pages in Facebook

YES, you can still have them. But will you want to? Some of you or all of you may want to continue with a "custom tab" but it can NOT be defaulted any more.

  • This means no more reveal pages. 
  • No more "like this page" to get "this or that". 
  • No more pretty (professional) page to show up when someone first comes to your FB site (page).  

You can still have a custom page, but it will NOT be front and center. It will be where the user will have to search and voluntarily click on that page to see it. However, it may be at the top area of the new Timeline where there are thumbnails of different apps such as Photos, Events, your custom tab.

Facebook Timeline Information –
Must Read articles

Timeline for Business Pages Here is Getting Started help:

Here is FB introducing TimeLine:

Must read on Timeline Implementation and new features:

Great information about how to use the new Timeline format for Business Pages:

New info on custom pages — there is no more squeeze page, landing page, forcing a like to get — nothing will show on the main page (there is no more main page just the timeline view):

Creating a new Facebook Cover

What they talk about now is having a nice "cover" to be at the top of your page. Here is an example below for Coca-Cola. For Stampin' Up! demonstrators, you can even create one in MDS! Here is the video from Patty Bennett to create a banner in MDS…you would just modify it to the new dimensions of 851×315:

Just read the rules for your Cover below. You can also create a modified version of your blog banner. Contact your designer, such as Michelle Laycock, me or whomever designed your banner. Or you can of course have a new Cover image created that coordinates with your blog's theme (but not simply a copy of your banner w/o the contact info). That is up to you!

You may want to focus on a new Cover image (which is definitely seen) instead of new Custom Page (which may not be seen). 

Cover The Timeline cover displays a giant 851 x 315 pixel banner across the top of your Page. Facebook’s Product Director of Ads Gokul Rajaram tells me its “goal is to symbolize what an organization is all about. For a restaurant it could be a popular menu item, a band could display album cover art, and a business could show a picture of their customers using their product.”

Covers may not display calls to action or references to Facebook features such as “Like this Page”, purchase or pricing info such as “40% off” or “Download at our website”, or contact information such as web address. Rajaram says “brands have been very positive [about the restrictions] because they don’t want to be seen as overly promotional — it’s a turnoff. Pick a visually stunning, high-resolution image that will delight or intrigue visitors and make them want to scroll down to your updates. (TechCrunch)


In summary,I again would like to say that custom pages will still be available, you can still run contests, the custom pages just cannot be the default landing page. That is no longer an option with the new Timeline format.

Furthermore, you do not have a choice, all pages will be converted to the Timeline format. So you need to make the choice to have a custom page or not, but you should definitely create a nice Cover (similar to having a banner on your blog). For SU Demos you may want to create a Cover that matches your blog design or showcases a bunch of samples of your artwork. Remember, no calls to action, no website address, no asking to "Like".

Be sure to read all the articles above as they are really great articles by TechCrunch covering Facebook's Timeline format.


Heather Wright-Porto 

Free Time-Saving Tools to Schedule, Streamline and Automate Your Social Media

Do you find yourself spending too much time trying to manage your social media accounts?  There are now a number of online tools that can save you time each day in planning and scheduling your social media marketing campaigns.  These tools, all of which are free, have the added benefit of providing valuable analytics which will enable you to measure the success of your efforts.

Tools For Scheduling



One of the best new tools is Buffer, a website enabling you utilize Twitter to your greatest advantage by scheduling tweets in advance.  This makes it possible for you to avoid missing out on a chance to reach your audience even when you are busy with other things and are not able to update your tweets.  In addition to this scheduling tool, Buffer suggests the best times to tweet and offers analytics showing which of your tweets generated the most response.



Facebook users will benefit from scheduling tools offered by Roost, which allows them to quickly design and schedule a week-long marketing campaign pursuant to Roost’s structured recommendations.  Using Roost, all of this can be accomplished in less than one hour.  Utilizing Roost, you can engage your Facebook audience and receive analytics provided by Roost when the campaign is over.  Roost also provides a scorecard which analyzes data from your Facebook page to create a report showing your coverage and the distribution of your audience, as well as making suggestions for future marketing efforts.


Tools For Streamlining And Remote Updating


HootSuite is a popular social media dashboard that is already being used by many big-name companies.  This time-saving tool will allow you to post to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media accounts all at one time.  It is specialized for mobile devices as well as computers.  As with the tools mentioned above, HootSuite offers valuable analytics in the form of customizable reports to help you determine the success of your marketing campaigns.




If you are someone who is often on the go and away from the office, will make your life easier by allowing you to post updates to your social media accounts using a variety of methods, including phone apps, emails, and even text messages.  This practical tool enables you to send updates across social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and blogging sites.


Tools For Automating



For those businesses whose social media marketing efforts are primarily tied to their blogs, Twitterfeed will enable them to automate the process of sending new posts to their Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.  Twitterfeed also provides helpful analytics, allowing you to see your audience’s reaction to your posts in real time.


Guest Author: David Ching is the marketing director for EQA Office Furniture, which sells cubicles and office furniture and also offers free virtual 3D design services. Visit their website to view their selection of quality office cubicles.


Facebook Help: If your Facebook link doesn’t seem to be working anymore



A few of my customers have been recently experiencing a problem where the link they had on their blog to their Facebook page, no longer shows their page, but the main Facebook Login screen.

So what happened?

I asked this question on one of the clubs I'm a member of and got a great answer!

Check your "permissions" as you have set restrictions on your page.

  • Login and click Home.
  • On the left, click on your business page.
  • Click Edit Page.
  • Click Manage Permissions.




  • Remove the Country restriction and modify the Age restriction and see if that solves the problem! 😀


Just wanted to share this and working on getting your Pinterest article this week. Today was a busy day for my Stampin' Up! demonstrator customers as the new Sale-a-bration catalog and promotion was released today, so I had to create all the graphics for my customer's sidebars and maintain their blogs and newsletters. Big, busy day 😀