WordPress Hosting

 Secure. Reliable. Maintained. Affordable.

Want to have a WordPress website for your business and NOT have to worry or stress about hosting, installation, setup, WordPress updates, back-ups and overall site maintenance? Then I have a solution for you! It is Managed Care WordPress Hosting!

Amy Celona

With Managed Care WordPress Hosting by WebsByAmy.com, you won’t have to worry about all the technical stuff!  And you will know that your WordPress site is well taken care of!

She also offers many services and features that others will charge additional money for; such as SSL Security Certificate, domain emails (i.e. yourname@yourdomain.com), back ups, and more!

Don’t wait! Let’s get you setup and running!

Blog Setup and Design

All Done For You

Webs By Amy

Beautiful designs, powerful features and Amy does all the heavy lifting! Work with Webs By Amy to get your vision online and all done for you! Professional. Reliable. Affordable. Scalable. DONE and DONE.

Please remember to mention me when completing the "Referred By". Thanks!

Do It Yourself

Blog Setup and Design

I am collaborating with Neta from No Hassle Website to bring you many popular features from her Divi, No Hassle Website themes and combine them into 1 beautiful, exclusive site, just for you!

This is truly a DIY solution - get a professional site installed and you do the rest. And, if you need help, you are not alone!

In the Middle...

Blog Setup and Design

You want the affordability of a DIY solution, but need some help as well. This solution is for you!

Schedule a Blog Setup & Design with me and be sure to complete the required fields to speed the process. Then, you'll be directed to the Packages and Payment Plans. Looking forward to working with you!

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